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Today i am here to serve and love people. Today i choose to make a difference in this world. I choose to be a part of something bigger than myself, and lay down my selfish ambition for the greater good of all. I will serve before i demand, love before i hate, and give before i take. I will make a difference in someones life today. Lord give me the inspiration to create new things, the wisdom to walk in Your miraculous power, and the courage to do the impossible. Today i will be full of character and integrity so that i may live my life in such a way that
i will change the world!

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Monday, September 20, 2004
I missed you

With the sound of the ocean crashing,
7:30 friday evening
Everything comes tumbling down
I choke back each tear that bleeds
I'd rather rest forever in your arms
I'd rather stay here than go
But i know that i should leave
As i sit here helpless

Posted at 03:47 pm by jettyheartsyou
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Monday, September 06, 2004
Washing away my halo

Things have been crazy....
while at the same time totally dead.

School has officially started.
It sucks.
Last year though.

I've been working tons....
Low pay but whatever... i have nothing better to do.
Minus the new rule set by abby.
We are to hang out at least once every week.
That made me smile a bit.

Clint really helped last night.
I haven't been doing very well.
He listened and gave me some advice.
I think what really helped was saying
everything that was on my mind.
Just getting it out in the open instead of bottled up in my head.
Thank you <3

Posted at 09:31 pm by jettyheartsyou
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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I don't think it has set in yet that school is in two days.
That just isn't fun.
I wouldn't mind summer lasting forever.
I don't want to deal with high school drama.
But i am looking forward to seeing some missed faces.
and laughing my ass off with the select few that bring on those laughing fits.
I miss those.

I had senior pictures done today.
I am wicked excited to see the final results.
I saw a few cuz he was using a digital camera....
oooo i looked perrrrdy!
My yearbook pic is gonna be HOTT!

One sentence to wrap up the entry:

I hate ex girlfriends.

Posted at 01:13 am by jettyheartsyou
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Thursday, August 26, 2004
The love of my life

dyingxdaydreams (1:54:30 PM): your not a bia
dyingxdaydreams (1:54:46 PM): and your not really mean either

*sigh*.... isn't he sooo romantic???


Posted at 01:57 pm by jettyheartsyou
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Take my hand and never let go

I haven't updated in awhile.
Lo Siento.
so let's update.

Last Saturday a tree fell on my friend Ryan's car.
That was interesting.
Especially since it was a tree from my yard.
I was in the shower and was home alone.
I came downstairs to see a road block in front of my house
by a police cruiser and a fire truck.
I guess the tree had taken down wires with it.
I didn't know if Ryan was dead.
Being the wuss that i am i cried.

- the boys trip up here didn't work out....*sigh*...again.
- school starts in a week. EW.
- Clint has been really sad and depressed the last few days :-(
- I want summer to last forever.

+ Senior pictures on the 30th... at York Beach
+ My next paycheck is a shopping spree
+ I get to see all my friends i haven't seen all summer in a week.
+ I still have a week to sleep late everyday.

Posted at 09:28 am by jettyheartsyou
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Friday, August 20, 2004
I do love you

It's almost five.
Heading to bed.
Just let me wipe the tears.

Why can't i do anything right?

Posted at 04:44 am by jettyheartsyou
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Monday, August 16, 2004
dominican pics for your pleasure

This was one of the most beautiful little girls i have ever seen.

That is the Carribean Ocean... we went there on our free day.

Ok this requires a story : for the drama, everyone wore different paint on their
face to better represent their character. At this one drama site, these kids realized
that the paint would come off, and went crazy!

I'll put more on soon.... probably some of my team <--- love you guys!

Posted at 11:24 pm by jettyheartsyou
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Saturday, August 14, 2004
Love is the answer

Kristin made the CUTEST bag for me today.
It is soooo me haha.
It says "Love" inside a heart and underneath the heart says "is the answer."
So check it out and tell me what you think.
And props to Kristin!!!!


Posted at 07:03 pm by jettyheartsyou
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Friday, August 13, 2004
Adrenaline Rush

I was just watching the opening of the Olympics.
I can't even imagine being there.
It would be so intense.

8 more days till i get to spend every waking moment with Clint....
It's all i can think about.
I can't wait.

August 19th i am going to a concert at Meadowbrook with the mom.
Michael W. Smith, Mercy Me, and the David Crowder Band.
I'm wicked excited.
I know we are gonna have a blast.

I'm taking in the view
Of His glory around me
I'm awake
And I have been made new
By the One who has found me
Words just can't say enough
When all I can feel is love

Your life You gave for mine to save
Its nothing less than a miracle
Your name I praise, because the change
Inside of me is so beautiful

Posted at 11:49 pm by jettyheartsyou
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Monday, August 09, 2004
Sugar rushes rock

dyingxdaydreams (1:30:55 AM): i want taco bell  
dyingxdaydreams (1:31:08 AM): i haven't had it since Tuesday 
dyingxdaydreams (1:31:12 AM): oh no! 
dyingxdaydreams (1:31:14 AM): almost a week  
dyingxdaydreams (1:31:16 AM): they must miss me
jettyspageti4U (1:31:20 AM): hahaha  
jettyspageti4U (1:31:27 AM): do you know them all by name?
dyingxdaydreams (1:31:31 AM): who? 
dyingxdaydreams (1:31:35 AM): the tacos?
dyingxdaydreams (1:31:36 AM): ya  
dyingxdaydreams (1:31:37 AM): lol  
jettyspageti4U (1:31:40 AM): LMAO

Let's just be aware that this was 1:30 am..... oh dear haha.

In other news: i will not be playing soccer this year. Yes i know.... huge decision. sorry keg i'll still run with you and all that.

dyingxdaydreams (12:52:59 AM): the big boy is laying on the bed staring at me
dyingxdaydreams (1:35:09 AM): STEP BACK!
dyingxdaydreams (1:35:22 AM): DO NOT ATEMPT THIS AT HOME!
dyingxdaydreams (1:37:36 AM): which way did he go George?
dyingxdaydreams (1:39:19 AM): would you be mad if i put polka dots on your car?
dyingxdaydreams (1:44:20 AM): a horse walked into a bar....the bartender said "hey why the long face?"

dyingxdaydreams (1:46:43 AM)
: you can pick your friends, you can pick your friends nose, but never ever pick your friend's nose

dyingxdaydreams (1:46:44 AM): ha
dyingxdaydreams (1:46:49 AM): oh wait
dyingxdaydreams (1:46:54 AM): i messed it up

Haha i love him...... and what can i say? The kid makes me laugh!

Posted at 01:58 am by jettyheartsyou
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